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Out with the Old and in with the New

Replacing fluorescent 8ft tubes with T8 LED tubes

8ft fluorescent tubes are being phased out of existence; they are becoming increasingly difficult to purchase and it is now illegal to replace old 8ft fluorescent tubes with newer ones as they are not approved by the Health and Safety Executive. In this scenario, replacing fluorescent 8ft tubes with T8 LED tubes is an appropriate improvement.

The lighting industry has seen progressive change over the past decade with the implementation of numerous EU regulations. The laws affect many different types of lighting with the main aim of stopping the production and sale of the least efficient, shorter lasting lights, making way for higher performing and more environmentally friendly alternatives (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LED_lamp#LED_tube_lamps). The best course of action is a switch to LEDs, as nowadays they are widely believed to be the optimum lighting solution regardless of the application or situation.

6 advantageous features of LED tube lights

Replacing fluorescent tubes with T8 LED tubes offers a range of benefits:

  • They are mercury free, making them much safer for the environment when it comes to disposal.
  • They are more efficient because they don’t ‘waste’ light like fluorescents, which tend to ‘leak’ around the fittings.
  • LED tubes have a better quality of light in comparison to fluorescent tubes that often flicker, take a while to get up to brightness and struggle in low temperatures.
  • They have a longer lifespan; T8 LEDs last on average 20,000 hours longer than their fluorescent counterparts. Also their light output doesn’t drop off as they progress through their lifetime.
  • LED tubes are fully dimmable which increases the versatility of the light fitting.
  • LEDs are more compatible with control systems and due to advances in technology these control systems are becoming much more commonplace. LED tube fittings work seamlessly as a part of these systems whereas fluorescent tubes struggle and will burn out faster.

Common misconceptions surrounding LED lighting

You may have read or heard that LED tubes have a lower lumens rating than fluorescents, and whilst this is technically true it is a clouded comparison because lumens are not an accurate measure of ‘useful’ light. LEDs are directional (https://www.energystar.gov/products/lighting_fans/light_bulbs/learn_about_led_bulbs) so you can achieve a greater concentration of light exactly where you want it, as opposed to the general brightness emitted from fluorescent tubes which often illuminate unnecessary places.

Another point often raised in opposition to LED lighting is that the initial cost can be high compared to other forms of lighting. This is undeniable, but whilst LED tubes are slightly more expensive as a one off purchase, they are a worthwhile investment. Their efficiency, long life and functionalities will all contribute to saving on long term running costs, as well as improving lighting conditions. Cheap LED tubes are available on the market but be very wary if the price difference is significant. The lower price may be tempting but you could end up with an LED tube that is not certified, won’t last very long and most notably may not be approved so could be dangerous (http://luxreview.com/article/2015/02/cheap-leds-buyer-beware). Buy cheap and the chances are you’ll buy twice.

Don’t fear the transition, changing to LEDs can be easy

People, as we well know, are often hesitant when it comes to change. The thought of having to spend more on new, different lights because of EU regulations could understandably be unsettling for some. Further to this, issues have been raised around the difficulty of installing LED tubes into fittings of previous lights; having to change the fittings as well as the lights themselves adds further insult to injury. To save you this hassle, powerecycle T8 LED tube lights benefit from built in starter motors and fuses, meaning that they can be plugged directly into most existing fluorescent tube lighting systems.

It is hugely important to select high quality, safe LED tubes that are certified and have a substantial warranty. This will ensure that you get the very most from the benefits of switching to LED tube lighting. Our safe and reliable LED tubes are Health and Safety approved, and come with a 5 year guarantee so that you can witness the full extent of the advantageous features offered by LED lighting.

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