120 watt high bay lights

When and where to use LED high bays

LED high bay lights are the perfect lighting solution for large open spaces such as factories, warehouses, industrial units, garages and large retail spaces.

High bay LED lighting is becoming more and more popular due to the vast amount of benefits for those businesses and sites that install LED high bays. powerecycle specialise in helping commercial businesses make the switch to LED high bay lighting in an efficient manner that minimises downtime and inconveniences.

Benefits of installing LED high bay lights over fluorescents

There are a number of reasons why high bay LED lights are preferable over fluorescent high bays and CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). The most common benefits include:

  • LEDs are more efficient, on average they have an 80% less power consumption which will save you large amounts on energy costs.
  • They have a high efficacy (lumens per watt), this means that for the small amount of energy they consume, an impressive light output is delivered.
  • High bay LED lights are longer lasting; on average the lifespan is 5 times longer than traditional lighting.
  • Light levels are maintained with LED high bays; fluorescents lose brightness the older they become, this is not the case with LEDs.
  • The LED high bay lights from powerecycle are easy to install and have long warranties (all our lights have 5year warranty), saving you on costly and time consuming maintenance.
  • LED high bay lighting solutions can be controlled thanks to their dimming capabilities. They can also easily be integrated with sensor systems without hindering their performance or lifetime.

Improving your site with high bay LED lighting

The benefits have been outlined, but there are further reasons why LED high bay lights could indirectly help your business. LEDs improve safety; they instantly get up to brightness and flicker less, giving increased light uniformity and therefore better visibility for staff at all times. They also don’t give off heat like fluorescents meaning that the entire energy output is light and no energy is lost.

Although they are a more expensive initial purchase, in the long run this cost will be made back at least several times over by saving on energy and maintenance bills.

Powerecycle install LED high bay lighting solutions

We are a leading supplier of commercial LED lighting solutions; our team of professionals install all forms of high quality LED lighting to businesses across the UK. Our hassle free, easy to install high bay LED lights are either 120W or 150W.

If you think LED high bay lighting is appropriate for you, our dedicated experts will visit you and conduct a free site survey, suggesting the best LED lighting solution for your business.

For more information about the other LED solutions available available from powerecycle click here or call us on: 01202 665433.