ISO accreditation

LED lights contributing to ISO accreditation UK

If an organisation is working within ISO regulations or wants to receive ISO accreditation, they must appropriately manage their environmental responsibilities. Environmental management systems are often utilised to help the process and ultimately provide value for the environment as well as the organisation.

Intended outcomes of an environmental management system outlined by ISO 14001 include:

  • Enhancement of environmental performance
  • Fulfilment of compliance obligations
  • Achievement of environmental objectives

ISO 14001 accreditation

The use of LED lights can help a company that is seeking ISO 14001 accreditation because lighting is directly linked to energy consumption, a considerable contributing factor to the environmental impact of a company. Nowadays it is well known that LEDs are better for the environment than fluorescent bulbs, by choosing to install LED lights an organisation can easily improve its environmental performance.

powerecycle LED lighting solutions

LEDs are efficient lighting solutions, they don’t waste much energy by leaking light and they are safe for the environment when it comes to disposal as they don’t contain any mercury. If your business or organisation is seeking ISO accreditation, switching to LED lighting is a good place to start.

Abiding to the ISO regulations provides assurance to anyone concerned that the environmental impacts are being measured and appropriate steps are being taken to improve the influence of the organisation on the environment.

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