T8 LED Tubes – 36 Watt, 8ft

LED T8 tube from Powerecycle

Who we are

High Quality and Affordable Commercial LED Fluorescent Tubes - Full 5 Year Guarantee

powerecycle are leading suppliers of commercial LED lighting solutions to businesses across the UK. Based in Dorset, we specialise in providing high quality commercial lighting solutions at affordable prices.

Switching to T8 LED lighting tubes can be a great way to reduce costly commercial lighting bills. However, large significant financial savings are only achieved when existing florescent tubes are replaced with high quality, safe and reliable LED bulbs.

Did you know? It is illegal to replace your old 8ft fluorescent tubes with newer fluorescent tubes as they are not approved by the Health & Safety Executive. Our safe and reliable LED tubes are Health & Safety approved.

6 Big Benefits - Why you should buy our T8 LED Tubes

  1. Savings: A fluorescent 8ft, 100 Watt tube running for 24/7 @ 0.10p/kwh (Commercial) rate is £87.36 PA. A powerecycle 8 ft 36 Watt tube running for the same amount of time costs £31.45 PA
  2. Guarantee: Our lights come with a 5 year guarantee
  3. Certified: LED tube lights are CE RoHS
  4. Hassle free: powerecycle tubes benefit from built in starter motors and fuses, which means they can be plugged directly into most existing fluorescent tube lighting systems
  5. Really Easy Installation: simply replace your old fuse with ours and insert the LED tube
  6. Support: If you require assistance, advisers are available on the phone or via email during office hours to support existing and new LED lighting customers.

T8 LED Tube Technical Product Information

  • Working Voltage: AC85-265V (50/60HZ)
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +50℃
  • Storage Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃
  • Viewing Angle: 120°
  • PF: ≥95%
  • Light efficiency: 90-100lm/W
  • Power(W): 36W
  • Lumen: 3600
  • Inner driver: Isolate power supply
  • Cover: Clear
  • Colour: Natural White (6000K)

5 Top LED Fluorescent Tube Features

  1. Isolated driver with high PF≥95%
  2. New technology to avoid LED failure in series
  3. No need to remove ballast and starter, easily replace traditional fluorescent tube directly
  4. Better durability and more robust

UK Commercial LED Lighting Specialists - Supply Only or Supply & Fit

powerecycle are leading UK suppliers of commercial LED lighting solutions to the print industry and the electrical services sectors. We’ve carried out a variety of large scale LED lighting solutions over the years, on a wide range of commercial and industrial premises.

Individuals, electricians, tradespeople and businesses can buy today on a ‘supply only’ basis or as part of a complete commercial lighting ‘supply and installation’.

Our clients can buy with complete confidence because all of our products are in the UK and come with a full 5 year guarantee.

Free Lighting Surveys Available

Businesses who operate warehouses, factories, large printers and other commercial buildings may be eligible for a totally free commercial lighting survey by a powerecycle LED lighting expert. Call us today on 01202 665433 to find out more about our free commercial lighting surveys.

Expert LED Lighting Advisors

If you need any further information or want some expert advice, contact a member of our support team on: sales@powerecycle.co.uk, call 01202 665433 today or click to contact us about commercial LED lighting.

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Warehouses and large commercial buildings may be entitled to a free, comprehensive lighting survey from one of the powerecycle LED lighting experts.